The Credit Repair Industry is Highly Regulated.

Will you be compliant if the regulators come knocking?
Don't put your credit repair company at risk. Have peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best, growing your business.
Get compliant with our credit repair contracts or, get educated with our state laws research reports,.. or get certified in 3 easy steps!


& Bond Certification

Send us your contract and proof of surety bond for ONE state. We will review and issue a certificate of compliance for that for ONE state. Additional state certifications require bond verification for each state. Certificates may be displayed on your website, or anywhere you promote your business to gain consumer trust.

Licensing, Registration & Bond Research
for All 50 States

Thinking of expanding to a new state? Ensure your credit repair business is appropriately registered, licensed and bonded in the states you do business without the guesswork. This digital report includes credit repair licensing requirements, licensing entity and contact information, CSO registration requirements, credit repair bond requirements and application forms for ONE state. Additional state research reports are available.

State Specific
for All 50 States

Your contract protects you, your business and your clients.
As the most widely used, important document for your business it must not only stand up to scrutiny by regulators, it must be state specific and user friendly for your clients.
We take away all the guesswork by providing a compliant, transparent, consumer friendly contract that you can modify and use for your credit repair business. We deliver the editable, digital file via email.

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How it Works

Step 1 - Select Service  Step 2 - Reply to Our Email Step 3 - Receive Your Order by Email

Select Services
Step 1
We make compliance easy as 1, 2, 3 .................................................. Just start by selecting the services you need.
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We will email you. Simply reply to our email to complete your order.
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Sit back and relax. When your order is ready, we will email it to you. Typically within 24-72 hours.
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& Bond

Incl. 1 State Compliance Certificate
Bond Verification (1 State)
Contract Review
Printable Certificate
Digital Delivery

State Licensing, Registration & Bond Research Reports

Includes 1 State Specific Report
State Licensing Requirements
Licensing Agency & Contact Info
CSO Registration Requirements
CSO Legislation/Statutes
CSO Registration Contact Info
CSO Registration Fee
Cancellation Period/Statute
Refund Period/Statute
Term Requirement
State Disclosure Requirement
Record Retention Requirements
Bond Requirement/Statute
Bond Referral
Application Forms (If Applicable)
Includes 1 State
Printable Report
Digital Delivery

State Specific
Credit Repair

FREE State Research Report
Includes 1 State Specific Contract
CROA Compliant
State Specific Disclosures
State Specific Term & Limits
State Specific Refund Policy
State Specific Cancel Period
Mediation & Binding Arbitration
Service Description
Billing & Payment
Power of Attorney
Legal Compliance
Governing Law & Venue
Consumer Obligations
Electronic Consent Disclosure
Right to Remarket Clause
Consent to Sell Account
Merchant Processor Agreement
Federal Cancellation Notices
CROA Disclosure
Privacy Policy
Complaint Policy & Procedures
Welcome Letter
Company + Consumer Signatures
Font Size Requirement
Protection Disclaimer
Editable MS Word File
Digital Delivery

50 States Bundle
& Save $17,000!

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Generally speaking the credit repair industry has a bad reputation so it is highly regulated and often targeted by the CFPB, FTC, state attorneys and others.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act is the body of laws that regulate the credit repair industry. Failure to comply can lead to fines, penalties or criminal charges.

In order to become compliance certified, select the certification for one state. We will email you a request for proof of credit repair bond in the state(s) you do business in (if applicable – as not all states require a bond) Upon completion; you will receive a signed and dated certificate, which you may post on your website or use in your advertising collateral.

No, the compliance certification (certificate) is specific to one state and will indicate the state you have proven to be compliant. You may order certifications for additional states by providing proof of credit repair surety bonds for the states you choose.

To order to receive a advertising standards certification, select the option and we will email you a request for your advertising collateral. We will review it and make recommendations to improve net impression compliance.  Upon completion; you will receive a signed and dated certificate, which you may post on your website or use in your advertising collateral.

No, you will receive a PDF via email that you may print and frame yourself. 

Most states require specific disclosures and have specific guidelines. Failure to comply with each states requirements can lead to state attorney general investigations and/or fines. Your credit repair contract need to be compliant to protect not only yourself and your business, but also your clients. Typically, when issues arise such as chargebacks, complaints or regulatory violations – your contract is your first line of defense. If you have a compliant, well written state specific contract, it can save you a lot of trouble. Additionally, there are proven methods that can boost client trust, reduce complaints if implemented into your contract. We can help you achieve more for a fraction of the cost an attorney would charge.

Expect a confirmation email right away and your order delivered digitally, typically within 24-72 hours. (May take longer depending on orders in queue and if ordered after business hours) If you have any questions, send an email to We answer quickly and are here to help.

Most orders are typically delivered digitally within 24-72 hours. 

In short, no. We are simply providing research and recommendations for your business. We have no control over your day-to-day business practices, nor are we guaranteeing any specific result.

We primarily communicate via email. Send questions to You may also utilize our livechat Facebook Messenger feature. 

No, please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the website.

No. We are not attorneys.

Absolutely. We provide unlimited email support to our paying customers and can answer a wide range of questions and also provide recommendations for various industry needs. Order at least one of our products and you may then email us any questions you have. 

Yes, order the State Specific Contract and we will provide a state specific contract for you. You will need to modify the pricing and/or anything you would like changed.

Absolutely, start with purchasing our  “Licensing, Registration & Bond Research” and the “State Specific Contract” for the state(s) you wish to expand into. Once you have met the guideline requirements, you can then order the “Compliance & Bond Certification” for that state. 

Yes, we have relationships with many credit repair vendors, consumer law attorneys, high-risk merchant processors, outsourcing services, website developers and other credit repair industry related experts we would be happy to refer you. Just shoot us an email letting us know what you need and we will connect you.

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